Subject 02/07/2021: This month in KISS (#10)!
From    Dilyn Corner
Date    Fri, 02 Jul 2021 09:15:00 -0500

Welcome to month 10!

After a long hiatus, filled presumably with an abundance of self-care and
recentering, Dylan Araps is back lads! Some interesting things have emerged as a
result -- (and has been parked...), a flurry of
updates to the $/kisslinux website and repo repositories, and kiss has seen a
litany of pull requests, from small tweaks and fixes, to large-scale bug

Dilyn Corner (2):
      kiss: fix some extra spaces
      kiss: bump version

Dylan Araps (8):
      kiss: Fix incorrect check during updates
      kiss: do a less shallow clone to enable 'git describe'
      pkg_install_files: fix internal path issue.
      kiss-chroot: Mount /dev/shm, /dev/pts, /tmp and /run
      pkg_checksums: simplify
      kiss: remove broken directory symlinks
      kiss: fix bugs with pkg_build
      kiss: sanitize tmp directory paths

Only time may tell what will happen in the future! I'll provide updates whenever
I have them. In the meantime, work at $/kiss-community will continue as normal -
I won't be offended if you change your remotes :)

As I said earlier, some very large PRs have made their way onto the
$/kiss-community/kiss repository. They're quite big, so having some extra people
helping to break them would be wonderful! They'll slowly filter in over the next

Until next time!

Dilyn Corner (28):
      alsa-utils: fix alsactl restore segfaults; closes #43
      glib: bump to 2.68.3
      xkeyboard-config: bump to 2.33
      grub: bump to 2.06
      firefox-esr: bump to 78.11.0esr
      cmake: bump to 3.20.4
      alsa-lib: bump to
      alsa-utils: bump to
      firefox-esr: update patch/fix build
      libudev-zero: bump to 0.5.1
      rust: bump to 1.53.0
      mesa: bump to 21.1.3
      sqlite: bump to 3.36.0
      firefox: bump to 89.0.1
      libva: bump to 2.12.0
      cmake: bump to 3.20.5
      fontconfig: python is a make dep
      libva-utils: bump to 2.12.0, meson is a make dep
      nodejs: bump to 16.4.0
      xf86-input-libinput: bump to 1.1.0
      firefox: bump to 89.0.2
      fontconfig: bump to 2.13.94
      python: bump to 3.9.6
      libffi: bump to 3.4.2
      mesa: bumpt o 21.1.4
      nodejs: bump to 16.4.1
      pango: bump to 1.48.6
      kiss: bump to 5.4.0

Aaron G (4):
      less: change maintainer
      man-pages-posix: change maintainer
      Update maintainer email
      neatvi: drop package

AndreiSva (3):
      weechat: new package at 3.1
      weechat: bumped to 3.2
      slang: change tabs to spaces

Armaan Bhojwani (2):
      chorizo: new package at 1.0.0
      chorizo: rename depends

C├ędric (8):
      azpainter: bumped to 3.0.1
      exiftool: bumped to 12.27
      pandoc-bin: bumped to
      cups-filters: bumped to 1.28.9
      exiftool: bumped to 12.28
      pandoc-bin: bumped to
      azpainter: bumped to 3.0.2
      ytfzf: bumped to 1.2.0

Dilyn Corner (6):
      nss: bump to 3.67
      extra-cmake-modules: bump to 5.83.0
      nano: bump to 5.8
      qt5-declarative: fix building with gcc 11.1.0
      qt5: dtls is not supported currently with libressl
      qt5-webengine: bump to 5.15.3

Jason Eslick (1):
      trash-cli: bump to version

Jonathan Dahan (1):
      croc: bump to 9.1.6

Kyryl Melekhin (2):
      radare2: new package 5.3.0
      radare2: bump to 5.3.1

Liam Warden (1):
      gnuplot: bump to 5.4.2

Nihal Jere (4):
      isync: bump to 1.4.2
      libksba: bump to 1.6.0
      mutt: bump to 2.1.0
      bash: add bison as dependency

Ominitay (3):
      lld: bumped to 12.0.0
      zig[-git]: dropped package
      htop: adopt package

Rio6 (1):
      pass: bump to 1.7.4

Xiaodong Xu (14):
      procs: bumped to 0.11.8
      delta: bumped to 0.8.0
      darkhttpd: new package at 1.13
      grabc: new package at 1.0.2
      mg: new package at 6.9
      procs: bumped to 0.11.9
      delta: bumped to 0.8.1
      slides: new package at 0.3.0
      cwm: new package at 6.7
      grabc: bumped to 1.1
      slides: bumped to 0.4.0
      bottom: bumped to 0.6.2
      viu: new package at 1.3.0
      gping: new package at 1.2.1

git-bruh (15):
      xwallpaper: 0.7.0
      fuse: 3.10.4
      imagemagick: 7.0.11-14
      lagrange: 1.5.1
      nettle: 3.7.3
      p11-kit: 0.24.0
      squashfs-tools: 4.4-git.1
      libtermkey: fix patch
      gst-plugins*: Disable tests and introspection
      imagemagick: 7.1.0-0
      gtest: 1.11.0
      lagrange: 1.5.2
      badwolf: new package at 1.1.0
      lmdb: new package at 0.9.29 (#496)
      lariza: 21.06