Subject 12/05/2021: This month in KISS (#8)!
From    Dilyn Corner
Date    Wed, 12 May 2021 13:26:00 -0500

Welcome to month 8!

I took a small holiday and thought I had pushed this post before I left. Nope!
Not a whole lot to discuss this time around, so just some quick updates.

- Firefox will soon(tm) no longer require gtk+2 OFFICIALLY! We saw the final
  cleaning commit here

- A subtle bug in how kiss handles dependencies that resulted in certain
  packages not being installed at the right time was resolved, thanks to some
  good troubleshooting work and a very clean patch. Check out the discussions
  and work here:
    Additionally, an issue with downloading partial sources was revealed, and
    a patch will be applied soon!

- The git server and mailing list underwent a migration to a smaller (cheaper)
  VPS and, outside of a few hiccups, went rather smoothly! This should be the
  last major change to it for a while. Let me know if you experience any issues!

- The git log at the end of these posts is back, baybeeeee

Dilyn Corner (75):
      curl: bump to 7.76.0
      nodejs: bump to 15.13.0
      kiss: bump to 5.2.6
      base-init: update link in post-install
      xfsprogs: remove subshell
      kiss: bump to 5.2.7
      mpv: bump to 0.33.1
      sqlite: bump to 3.35.4
      wpa_supplicant: bump relver for manpage fix
      libdrm: bump to 2.4.105
      libva-utils: bump to 2.11.1
      mesa: bump to 21.0.2
      nodejs: bump to 15.14.0
      gcc: bump to 10.3.0
      libxkbcommon: bump to 1.2.1
      xf86-input-libinput: bump to 1.0.0
      gcc: bump mpfr/mpc/gmp versions
      cmake: bump to 3.20.1
      ffmpeg: bump to 4.4
      gdk-pixbuf: bump to 2.42.6
      glib: bump to 2.68.1
      meson: bump to 0.57.2
      cbindgen: bump to 0.19.0
      cairo: fix checksums
      xorg-server: bump to 1.20.11
      curl: bump to 7.76.1
      kiss: bump to 5.2.8
      xf86-input-libinput: bump to 1.0.1
      README: update gpg key
      kiss: bump to 5.3.0
      openssh: bump to 8.6p1
      sqlite: bump to 3.35.5
      firefox: bump to 88.0
      firefox-esr: bump to 78.10.0esr
      nodejs: bump to 16.0.0
      tiff: bump to 4.3.0
      mesa: bump to 21.0.3
      libjpeg-turbo: bump to 2.1.0
      strace: bump to 5.12
      atk: fix checksums
      gcc: bump to 11.1.0
      llvm: don't include benchmarks/examples/tests/docs
      libepoxy: bump to 1.5.7
      cmake: bump to 3.20.2
      libinput: bump to 1.17.2
      xorgproto: bump to 2021.4
      kiss: bump to 5.3.1
      libressl: bump to 3.3.3
      freetype-harfbuzz: bump to 2.10.4+2.8.1
      libass: bump to 0.15.1
      liberation-fonts: bump to 2.1.4
      meson: bump to 0.58.0
      nodejs: bump to 16.1.0
      libxkbcommon: bump to 1.3.0
      llvm: bump to 12.0.0
      rust: bump to 1.52.0
      firefox: bump to 88.0.1
      clang: bump to 12.0.0
      ccache: bump to 4.3
      mesa: bump to build against llvm 12
      python: bump to 3.9.5
      glib: bump to 2.68.2
      sudo: bump to 1.9.7
      rust: bump to 1.52.1
      busybox: bump to 1.33.1
      Remove update file
      extra-cmake-modules: bump to 5.81.0
      nss: bump to 3.64
      nnn: bump to 4.0
      crosstool-ng: new package at git
      crosstool-ng: remove duplicate patch/awk check
      conky: bump to 1.12.2
      qt5*: bump to 5.15.3
      nano: bump to 5.7
      qt5-webengine: delete vestigial patch

Muhammad Herdiansyah (4):
      libvpx: make it cc-neutral
      x264: make it cc-neutral
      zlib: ensure that the library is built with -fPIC
      xfsprogs: explicitly declare 

aabacchus (1):
      wpa_supplicant: actually install manpages

git-bruh (1):
      python: 3.9.4, fix virtualenv

Aaron G (3):
      9base: change maintainer
      oksh: bump to 6.9
      oksh: remove non-portable grep option from post-install script

Armaan Bhojwani (7):
      fortune: new package at git
      fortune: fix checksums
      fortune: restructure package
      fortune: add fortunes, get pkg from tarball
      scdoc: change maintainer
      exa: bump to v0.10.1, change maintainer
      exa: fix manpage install paths

Artem Kobets (2):
      xmlsec1: update to 1.2.32
      oath-toolkit: update to 2.6.7

Arthur Williams (2):
      dzen: also install gadgets
      evtest: new package at 1.34

CĂ©dric (18):
      youtube-dl: bumped to 2021.04.01
      exiftool: bumped to 12.23
      poppler: bumped to
      sc-im: bumped to 0.8.1
      fzf: bumped to  0.27.0
      syncthing: bumped to  1.15.1
      youtube-dl: bumped to 2021.04.07
      ytfzf: new package at 1.1.2 (#280)
      exiftool: bumped to 12.24
      ytfzf: bumped to 1.1.3
      ytfzf: bumped to 1.1.4
      exiftool: bumped to 12.25
      gnutls: pkgconf make dep added (#325)
      youtube-dl: bumped to 2021.04.26
      syncthing: bumped to 1.16.1
      ytfzf: bumped to 1.1.5
      poppler: bumped to 21.05.0
      qpdf: bumped to 10.3.2

Daniel M. Matongo (4):
      croc: bump to 8.6.12
      go-ipfs: new package at 0.8.0
      libgit2: fix build issues (#304)
      lua: bump to 5.4.3

James Davies (1):
      qemu: bump to 6.0.0

Jason Eslick (5):
      sgt-puzzles: bump to version 20210409
      powertop: bump to 2.14
      sgt-puzzles: bump to version 20210428
      trash-cli: bump to version
      protobuf: bump to version 3.16.0

Liam Warden (1):
      gdb: bump to 10.2

Martin Gulliksson (1):
      wireguard-tools: 1.0.20210424

Michele ZuccalĂ  (1):
      libdvdread: new package at 6.1.2 (#354)

Muhammad Herdiansyah (2):
      irssi: update to 1.2.3
      rxvt-unicode: force std=c++11

Nihal Jere (11):
      go: bump to 1.16.3
      libksba: bump to 1.5.1
      gnupg2: bump to 2.3.0
      gnupg2: bump to 2.3.1
      sfeed_curses: bump to 0.9.11
      sfeed: bump to 0.9.23
      cloc: bump to 1.90
      htop: fix source, generate configure file (hopefully temporary)
      mutt: bump to 2.0.7
      bash: bump to 5.1.p8
      go: bump to 1.16.4

Ominitay (2):
      lld: new package at 11.1.0 (#258)
      zig: new package at 0.7.1 (#257)

Raphael (2):
      berry: new package at 0.1.7 (#274)
      brownout: new package at 0.4 (#285)

Rio6 (3):
      vcsh: bump to v1.20190621-4
      bump versions for the s6 suite:
      s6-linux-init: bump to

Xiaodong Xu (7):
      bit-bin: bumped to 1.1.1
      glow-bin: bumped to 1.4.1
      delta: bumped to 0.7.1
      lsd: bumped to 0.20.1
      procs: bumped to 0.11.4
      rclone: bumped to 1.55.0
      rclone: bumped to 1.55.1

Zenomat (1):
      mpd: new package at 0.22.6 (#287)

aabacchus (3):
      pdfcpu: bump to 0.3.10
      Add link to new site
      pdfcpu: bump to 0.3.11

electimon (1):
      links2: bumped to 2.22.0 and update dependencies

git-bruh (39):
      ungoogled-chromium: 89.0.4389.114
      file: 5.40
      imagemagick: 7.0.11-5
      glib-networking: 2.68.0
      gtest: new package at 1.10.0
      brotli: 1.0.9
      android-tools: 31.0.0
      imagemagick: 7.0.11-6
      axel: new package at 2.17.10
      ruby: 3.0.1
      webkit2gtk: 2.32.0
      icu: 69.1
      webkit2gtk, libpsl, harfbuzz-icu: bump for icu update (#290)
      cproc, qbe: new packages at git (#276)
      fuse: 3.10.3
      imagemagick: 7.0.11-7
      cmark-gfm: new package at 0.29.0.gfm.0
      chroma-bin: new package at 0.8.2
      libmpc: new package at 1.2.1
      imagemagick: 7.0.11-8
      webkit2gtk: fix freezes (#310)
      libgcrypt: 1.9.3
      shellcheck-bin: 0.7.2
      glib-networking: 2.68.1
      gst-plugins-base: stop subproject cloning (#330)
      [ungoogled]chromium: 90.0.4430.85
      imagemagick: 7.0.11-9
      [ungoogled]chromium: 90.0.4430.93 (#336)
      webkit2gtk: add new musl patches from void (#338)
      rbw-bin: new package at 1.2.0 (#337)
      vis: fix depends
      bind: 9.17.12
      imagemagick: 7.0.11
      lagrange: new package at 1.3.4
      imagemagick: 7.0.11-11
      libunistring: new package at 0.9.10
      lagrange: 1.4.0
      btrfs-progs: 5.12
      imagemagick: 7.0.11-12

ilmich (6):
      mc: new package at 4.8.26
      mc: fix build script
      yasm: new package at 1.3.0
      mplayer: new package at 1.4
      mplayer: fix configuration file permissions
      mplayer: Fix build script

mcpcpc (1):
      kirc: bump to 0.2.6

phoebos (3):
      catgirl: new package at 1.7
      pounce: new package at 2.3
      neomutt: new package at 20210205

zenomat (1):
      mpc: new package at 0.33