Subject	This week in KISS (#11)
From	Dylan Araps <>
Date	Mon, 17 Feb 2020 14:07:09 +0100

Website redesign #1023 is complete.

With this new design, all pages are now written as plain .txt
files. Each page can easily be downloaded and viewed locally in
a text-editor, pager or terminal based browser.

There may still be some bugs. There's always bugs. Let me know.
The Wiki pages and old blog/news pages need updating too. It's
on my TODO.

I spent some time writing the KISS Guidestones and KISS Style
documents which should answer all prior questions and speed
up the review process of new packages. (See above nav)

Otherwise it's been a quiet week. Oh yeah. Dylan Araps version
22.02 was released this week on February 11.



Aaron G (1):
      Change maintainer for packages (#381)

Adam Schaefers (36):
      Keep Add gpg symlinks sans "2" for alternatives (#323)
      netsurf: add gperf to make depends, fixes #320 (#322)
      emacs: remove non-default settings (#325)
      emacs-nox: remove non-default settings (#324)
      new package: emacs27-git (#326)
      new package: tcl 8.6.10 (#330)
      new package: expect 5.45.4 (#329)
      new package: wget 1.20.3 (#331)
      new package: gnu-netcat 0.7.1 (#344)
      new package: ed 1.15 (#343)
      new package: sed 4.8 (#341)
      new package: lzip 1.21 (#342)
      new package: iproute2 5.5.0 (#337)
      new package: shadow 4.8.1 (#346)
      new package: bc 1.07 (#352)
      new package: kmod 26 (#354)
      tcl: fix symlink after install (#353)
      bc: static (#357)
      netcat: static (#356)
      sed: static (#355)
      gtar: remove FORCE_UNSAFE_CONFIGURE (#360)
      coreutils: remove FORCE_UNSAFE_CONFIGURE (#359)
      bc: bump to 1.07.1 (#361)
      tcl: use system sqlite, symlink lib, install macros (#370)
      new package: gmp 6.2.0 (#363)
      new package: libunistring 0.9.1 (#365)
      new package: gc 8.0.4 (#364)
      new package: guile 2.2.6 (#366)
      tcl: fix build (#378)
      various packages: new maintainer (#392)
      emacs: remove systemd cruft, sort depends (#391)
      emacs-nox: remove systemd cruft, sort depends (#390)
      emacs-git: remove systemd cruft, sort depends (#389)
      pciutils: fixes #395 (#402)
      new package: libcap 2.31 (#404)
      new package: iputils 20190709 (#406)

Anirudh Oppiliappan (2):
      gdb: bump to 9.1 (#382)
      gdb: fix build (#401)

Artem Kobets (3):
      oath-toolkit: fix build/depends (#334)
      xmlsec1: fix build (#335)
      less: new package at 551 (#336)

Cem Keylan (8):
      lazygit: bump to 0.14.2 (#327)
      sinit: fix ubase-getty call (#328)
      lazygit: bump to 0.14.3 (#348)
      runit: new package at 2.1.2 (#333)
      parted: remove gnu prefix for alternatives (#350)
      webkit2gtk: bump to 2.26.4 (#394)
      various packages: new maintainer (#396)
      boost: new package at 1.72.0 (#410)

Cliford Sab (1):
      nnn: bump to 3.0 (#349)

Dylan Araps (124):
      grub: Fix build after GCC changes
      cbindgen: bump to 0.13.1
      x265: Fix sources. Closes #144
      liberation-fonts: bump to 2.1.0
      xauth: new package at 1.1
      xinit: Make xauth runtime optional
      kiss: bump to 1.4.2
      kiss-utils: bump to 1.4.2
      xinput: Fix depends
      kiss: bump to 1.4.3
      kiss-utils: bump to 1.4.3
      kiss: bump to 1.4.4
      kiss-utils: bump to 1.4.4
      kiss: bump to 1.5.0
      kiss-utils: bump to 1.5.0
      util-linux: fix broken --sbindir
      alsa-utils: Fix sbin dir
      zlib: compile -fPIE
      mandoc: Fix build and sbindir
      openresolv: Fix sbindir
      openssh: fix sbindir
      cryptsetup: Fix sbindir
      dosfstools: Fix sbindir
      eudev: Fix sbindir
      gcc: Revert static-pie fix.
      zlib: revert pie fixes
      mandoc: revert pie fixes
      grub: revert pie fixes
      docs: update
      firefox: bump to 68.5.0esr
      kiss: bump to 1.5.1
      kiss-utils: bump to 1.5.1
      grub: Disable -march=.*
      firefox-bin: bump to 68.5.0esr
      lvm2: bump to 2.03.08
      xf86-video-amdgpu: Fix rootless xorg
      lvm2: Fixed from @ioraff
      gcc: Add version 10 to testing
      kiss: bump to 1.5.2
      kiss-utils: bump to 1.5.2
      rsync: Fix depends
      mandoc: Fix build with GCC 10
      openresolv: move to extra
      libxcb: fix depends
      gnupg1: Fix build with GCC 10
      libarchive: bump to 3.4.2
      bzip2: Use cc @konimex
      linux-headers: Use cc @konimex
      perl: use cc @konimex
      efibootmgr: Use cc @konimex
      efivar: clean up and use cc
      shared-mime-info: Use cc @konimex
      tzdata: Use cc @konimex
      zip: use cc @konimex
      ffmpeg: use cc @konimex
      eiwd: Fix depends
      kiss: bump to 1.5.3
      kiss-utils: bump to 1.5.3
      kiss: bump to 1.5.4
      kiss-utils: bump to 1.5.4
      libwebp: Fix depends
      kiss: bump to 1.5.5
      kiss-utils: bump to 1.5.5
      ncurses: bump to 6.2
      util-linux: Don't exclude utils
      lvm2,libaio.popt,cryptsetup: move to community
      shared-mime-info: Drop from repos
      libnl,mandoc,util-linux,wpa_supplicant: Move to extra
      eudev: move to extra
      libarchive: Move to community
      efibootmgr: Swap source to pull fixes. Closes #148
      libressl: Fix source
      bison: bump to 3.5.2
      mesa: bump to 19.3.4
      popt: move to extra
      falkon: move to community
      qt5: move to community
      docs: update
      baseinit: use cc @konimex
      mandoc: use cc @konimex
      baseinit: remove post-install
      kiss-utils: Merge into kiss package
      musl: clean up
      acpid: clean build
      cmake: clean build
      efibootmgr: Remove popt dependency
      popt: move to community
      openssh: clean up
      pango: clean up
      sqlite: clean up
      wpa_supplicant: clean up
      zip: clean up
      xf86-video-ati: clean up
      openssh: bump to 8.2p1
      gcc: setup lto. Closes #153
      ncurses: Add pc file.
      xsel: Fixes
      i3: new package at 4.17.1
      icu: Fix sbindir
      ncdu: bump to 1.14.2
      go: bump to 1.13.8
      pcre: bump to 8.44
      community: Remove abduco, joe
      lvm2,libaio,popt,cryptsetup: Add to community
      libarchive: Move to community
      bash: static
      ubase: Remove stat. Closes #362
      docs: update
      popt: move to extra
      falkon: move to community
      qt5: Move to community
      nss: move to community
      docs: update
      popt: move to community
      docs: update
      imagemagick: fix source
      imagemagick: bump to 7.0.9-23
      docs: update
      community: test linter
      community: test linter
      community: test linter
      community: test linter
      pandoc-bin: bump to 2.9.2
      docs: update

James Davies (2):
      dosbox (#321)
      Fix build: disable OpenGL support (#403)

M. Herdiansyah (3):
      picom: remove pcre (#375)
      various packages: new maintainer (#383)
      picom dependencies: new maintainer (#416)

Matthew (1):
      hsetroot: new pkg at 1.0.5 (#393)

Owen Rafferty (11):
      isync: new package at 1.3.1 (#371)
      flac: new package at 1.3.3 (#369)
      opusfile: new package at 0.11 (#372)
      tk: new package at 8.6.10 (#368)
      irssi: new package at 1.2.2 (#386)
      zathura-pdf-mupdf: new package at 0.3.5 (#377)
      libmupdf: new package at 1.16.1 (#376)
      transmission-daemon: new package at 2.94 (#387)
      xwallpaper: new package at 0.6.2 (#385)
      neovim, popt, tcl: change maintainer (#399)
      urlview: new package at 0.9-21 (#388)

dzove855 (1):
      Change maintainer (#398)

matthew w (1):
      screen: new package at 4.8.0 (#407)

periish (2):
      Added custard, a window manager by Sweets. (#397)
      mg added (#400)