Published 24th Nov 2019 by Dylan Araps.

This week in KISS (#2)

This was a relatively quiet week. I took a much needed break and focused solely on updating packages.

A big thank you to everyone using KISS!


KISS is now 6 months old

It has been a whole 6 months since I first started working on KISS!

commit 0cda243d535f11e7c26b9182bc63e425deb5ba45
Author: Dylan Araps <>
Date:   Thu May 9 09:46:50 2019 +0300
    new package manager experiment

Assuming that I was the first user of KISS on hardware, Xorg, Firefox and the distribution as a whole were in a "done" and usable state early August!

Filesystem created:  Mon Aug  5 16:32:37 2019

KISS was fully up and running in only 3 months! What a ride it has been thus far. I can't wait to see what the future holds.

Patch status

The core repository is now patch free!

The current numbers are as follows:

You can follow the progress here: repo #109

Official Repositories


Legal stuff

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