Published 2nd Dec 2019 by Dylan Araps.

This week in KISS (#3)

Another quiet week.

I spent time working on my password manager pash rewriting it in POSIX shell.

I've also started work on a fork of iwd (called eiwd) which works without dbus. You can read more about it below.

A big thank you to everyone using and contributing to KISS!


EIWD version 0.1.0 released

This is the first release of my fork of iwd with the dbus dependency removed.

So far, all dbus code has been removed from the daemon and it is functional solely through its network configuration files.

A simple utility has been added to aid in the creation of the network config files called iwd_passphrase. This works similarly to wpa_passphrase, automating the process.

The next steps are to write a client utilizing a different IPC mechanism. I haven't yet decided what kind of IPC I'll implement, any suggestions are welcome.

Until then, I'm really enjoying iwd. I'm using it additionally as my DHCP client and it connects to networks a lot faster than wpa_supplicant.

For KISS users, eiwd is available in the repositories and its current usage is similar to that of wpa_supplicant (without wpa_cli).


Rust and Firefox now build on powerpc64le

Rust and Firefox now build on powerpc64le leaving only a small handful of packages with issues.

This is thanks to the continued work by jdavies-dev!


Qt5 is now in testing

The qt5 base has been added to the testing repository.

I hope to soon tackle the beast that is qtwebengine and open up the possibilities for additional browsers (other than Firefox) on KISS.

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