Subject	This week in KISS (#14)
From	Dylan Araps <>
Date	Tue, 9 Mar 2020 14:07:09 +0100


This week I worked on reducing the size of KISS' installation
and rootfs tarball. This involved a myriad of different changes.
The size shrunk from 47.7MB to the new size of 26.7MB.

The installation tarball also doubles as a fully functional
chroot tarball. For those itching to give KISS a test run from
another machine, just extract the tarball and chroot into it.


The entire system can now run without the use of perl. Perl is
now only a compile time dependency for two packages, Firefox
and libvpx.

There is a patch available to build the kernel without perl as
well. Thanks to Ethan Sommer for porting the kernel's perl
script to POSIX shell.

YASM has been removed from the repositories entirely and all
packages which used it prior have been configured to use NASM.

For those using mdev instead of eudev as their device manager,
the boot process is now quicker. This is thanks to the removal
of some redundant and synchronous code from the boot process.

I have timed my system's boot with mdev and the process takes a
single second to complete now. This is down from the previous
two seconds without the change. (Of course, YMMV).

GCC, nodejs, git, binutils and other packages have seen a size
reduction due to the removal of unneeded files. The git package
saw a reduction from 30 or so MB to 4MB from some linker magic
written by Ethan Sommer.

Grub no longer requires Python during the build process. It
turns out that it isn't actually needed at all. Through two
small 'sed' calls, this "false" requirement has been removed.

Grub requires Python to generate some files for the build but
as it turns out, these files already exist in the release
tarballs. The build system just forces you to generate them


Yesterday I released a new version of Neofetch. Version 7.0.0
to be exact. I also worked on streamlining the release process
so that I am able to push updates in shorter intervals.

There will be bugs, there always is. In fact, I've already fixed
a couple. With the new process, expect a new release from me
in the coming week.




Dylan Araps (49):
      sowm: bump to 1.6
      gcc: No nls
      gcc: latest snapshot
      firefox: vendor yasm
      yasm: Drop from repos
      baseinit: bump to 0.5.1
      git: Reduce size by 25MB~ @E5ten
      binutils: Reduce size slightly
      binutils: trailing white-space
      curl: bump to 7.69.0
      cmake: bump to 3.16.5
      nodejs: bump to 13.10.0
      nodejs: Remove unneeded headers
      kiss: bump to 1.7.3
      firefox: Optional icon theme
      firefox-bin: No required icon theme
      nodejs: bump to 13.10.1
      kiss: bump to 1.7.4
      kiss: bump to 1.7.5
      samurai: move to core
      grub: disable nls
      grub: Bye bye python
      core: Move some packages to extra
      e2fsprogs: Move to extra
      intel-media-driver: move to community
      mesa: bump to 20.0.1
      libinput: bump to 1.15.3
      kiss: bump to 1.7.6
      baseinit: Install sources
      baseinit: bump to 0.5.2
      busybox: Clear hotplug for mdev service
      baseinit: bump to 0.6.3
      libffi: Fix source
      busybox: Fix hotplug null
      baseinit: bump to 0.7.0
      xf86-video-nouveau: Rootless xorg
      gcc: Fix source
      busybox: Fix checksums. Closes #166
      bison: bump to 3.5.3
      ccache: Clang support
      linux-headers: bump to 5.4.24
      kiss: bump to 1.7.7
      linux-headers: Old model
      github: Update PR template
      intel-media-driver: Add to community
      youtube-dl-git: Drop from community
      nmap: no more python2. Closes #513
      imagemagick: bump to 7.0.10-0
      neofetch: bump to 7.0.0

Adam Schaefers (4):
      libcap: remove duplicate DESTDIR
      libcap: PKGCONFIGDIR=/usr/lib closes ##499 (#500)
      libcap: fix pkgconfig closes #499 (#503)
      coreutils: bump version to 8.32 (#510)

Cem Keylan (3):
      sysmgr: add new package at 0.1.2 to community (#502)
      lazygit: bump to 0.16.2 (#501)
      glib-networking: bump to 2.64.0 (#512)

C├ędric (1):
      Poppler updated to 0.86.1

Kris Heck (2):
      tcc: new package at 0.9.27 (#511)
      tcc: use CC as compiler (#515)

M. Herdiansyah (1):
      json-c: change source and move to regular configure (#506)

Owen Rafferty (2):
      youtube-dl: fix maintainer (#509)
      youtube-dl: bump to 2020.03.08 (#516)

periish (1):
      Updated nss. (#517)