25/01/2020: This week in KISS (#8)

More fun stuff this week.


Website redesign

The first thing you will have noticed is that the website has had a redesign. The idea behind it was to mimic a markdown/txt file while keeping nice features like clickable links and images around.

Packages page

Another new addition to the website is the packages page. This is a full listing of each package in the repositories with version and maintainer information.

The page is updated automatically with changes to the repositories. The raw repository data is also available as a simple tsv file.

Eudev can now be replaced

This week I worked on making it possible to replace eudev with the device manager of your choosing.

I am now happy to announce that I now run my system using busybox mdev as my device manager. What's really neat is that I also managed to make my system work without a device manager.

There are caveats to replacing udev, however. Xorg loses its ability to automatically discover devices and libinput loses access to its "Quirks" database.

If these don't bother you, I have written a Wiki page which explains the process and includes all of the information you'll need.

I'd like to thank Michael Forney who maintains a fork of libinput which makes udev an optional dependency.

Repology now tracks KISS maintainers

The packaging hub Repology.org has tracked KISS' repositories for a long while now. This week, support was added to also track who maintains each package.

Each maintainer of a KISS package now has their own page on Repology with additional feeds they are able to subscribe to. This eases the burden on myself to notify maintainers when their packages are out of date!

As an example, here is my Repology maintainer page: link

I'd like to thank Dmitry Marakasov for providing this invaluable service and for his continued support of KISS.


I have now included an additional method of showing your support to KISS. One in which you receive something physical in return!

T-shirts and stickers are available in the following link and feature... I'll let you decipher this puzzle.

Thanks for supporting KISS!

sowm 1.2 released

The "Simple Opinionated Window Manager" received an update this week to fix a widespread issue of keybindings not working on some systems.

This is a simple Window Manager I started working on a while ago which sees a lot of use by users of KISS.

You can find the new release on GitHub in the link below.

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