Subject	This week in KISS (#12)
From	Dylan Araps <>
Date	Mon, 24 Feb 2020 15:07:09 +0100

A thankfully quiet week this one was. The regular old package updates
and a lot of new documentation. Thanks to the ease of the new site
I'm actually enjoying the writing process now.


Expect a large influx of documentation over the coming weeks. There's
a new "Frequently Asked Questions" page which I am writing as
questions coming in (rather than preempting what I _think_ will be


The website is now hosted on GitHub pages due to Netlify's new
build minutes policy and KISS' lack of eligibility for their open
source offering.

We lose out on nice features such as control over redirects, the
hook features which enabled Wiki mirroring etc though I'm not too
worried about it. It is what it is.

The website sources are now a lot simpler than they were. Builds now
take less than a second to complete and there's a lot less
boilerplate tying the whole thing together.

The 'docs' directory contains the compiled version of the site and
the 'site' directory contains the sources.



The charger for my laptop decided it didn't want to live anymore.
With hope and a roll of tape I managed to get it running again
(within a day) while I awaited a new charger which just arrived
(a day later).

Shipping here (Greece) is wonderful. Cash on delivery as an option
instead of a card (or Paypal/equivalent) and next day delivery with
a courier.

I'm on an island so the next day delivery was a shock. There's no
address where I live either so the courier delivers  the package
wherever you are at that moment.

Think of it as delivery to a name (or person) instead of to a
defined (and mappable) location.


I'd like to thank everyone for their continue support. I hope you're
all enjoying KISS. I'll also give a big welcome to the influx of new
users this week. Enjoy your stay and let it be a long one.

Onward to greater things.


Dylan Araps (62):
      git: bump to 2.25.1
      gcc: Latest snapshot
      intel-vaapi-driver: Fix build with GCC 10
      mesa: Fix build with GCC 10
      xf86-video-intel: Fix build with GCC 10
      gtk+3: bump to 3.24.14
      ffmpeg: properly use CC/CXX. @konimex. Closes #154
      e2fsprogs: Provide libs. Closes #155
      kiss: bump to 1.5.6
      x265: bump to 3.3
      xf86-video-intel: Swap to meson. @konimex Closes #156
      nodejs: bump to 13.9.0
      docs: update
      kiss: bump to 1.6.0
      kiss: bump to 1.6.1
      alsa-lib: bump to 1.2.2
      baselayout: Fix URL
      alsa-utils: bump to 1.2.2
      libinput: bump to 1.15.2
      eiwd: Fix depends
      sowm: bump to 1.5
      busybox: fix adduser and enable util-linux utils
      eudev: remove util-linux hard depend
      libSM: Fix depends
      busybox: Add fsck fix for uuid
      xkbcomp: bump to 1.4.3
      musl: bump to 1.2.0
      kiss: bump to 1.7.0
      grub: Fix Ryzen issue
      grub: Fix Ryzen issue
      grub: Remove pointless line
      kiss: Fix man page perms. Closes #158
      xcb-proto: bump to 1.14
      libxcb: bump to 1.14
      busybox: enable USE_PORTABLE_CODE. Closes #157
      busybox: Use portable cc. Closes #157
      docs: update
      pandoc-bin: bump to 2.9.2
      docs: update
      imagemagick: bump to 7.0.9-24
      btrfs-progs: drop from community
      haserl: Drop from community
      mini_httpd: drop from community
      docs: update
      tig: Drop from community
      xorriso: drop from community
      man-pages*: drop from community
      ethtool: new package at 5.4
      imagemagick: bump to 7.0.9-25
      imagemagick: bump to 7.0.9-26

Adam Schaefers (8):
      new package: libcap 2.31 (#404)
      new package: iputils 20190709 (#406)
      libcap: bump version to 2.32 (#430)
      kmod: bump version to 27 (#429)
      new package: readline 8.0p004 (#433)
      emacs-git: update sources using '@' to specify branch (#432)
      readline: remove extra space (#434)
      ed: bump version to 1.16 closes #444 (#445)

Artem Kobets (5):
      xkb-switch: new package at 1.6.0 (#435)
      man-pages-posix: new package at 2013a (#437)
      man-pages: new package at 5.05 (#436)
      man-pages-posix: new package at 2013a (#447)
      man-pages: new package at 5.05 (#446)

Cem Keylan (7):
      boost: new package at 1.72.0 (#410)
      mpc: new package at 0.33 (#413)
      libmpdclient: new package at 2.18 (#412)
      mpd: new package at 0.21.20 (#411)
      vimpc: new package at 0.09.2 (#414)
      mpd: require boost as a make dependency (#424)
      uemacs: add new package at git to community (#438)

Dilyn Corner (2):
      Adoption (#451)
      Adoption (#453)

James Davies (1):
      Fix build: disable OpenGL support (#403)

Kiƫd Llaentenn (8):
      fd: new maintainer (#422)
      ripgrep: new maintainer (#423)
      exa: new package at 0.9.0 (#439)
      tokei: new package at v10.1.2 (#441)
      xmodmap: new package at v1.0.10 (#442)
      hyperfine: new package at v1.9.0 (#443)
      hexyl: new package at v0.6.0 (#448)
      rage: new package at v0.3.1 (#449)

Kris Heck (1):
      tor: bump to (#420)

M. Herdiansyah (2):
      picom dependencies: new maintainer (#416)
      weechat: update to 2.7.1 (#450)

Owen Rafferty (3):
      urlview: new package at 0.9-21 (#388)
      libmupdf: fixing zathura-pdf-mupdf linking (#426)
      pcre: change maintainer (#431)

matthew w (3):
      screen: new package at 4.8.0 (#407)
      finished pkg (#418)
      i3/i3-gaps: bump packages to 4.18 (#427)

penguin-ff (1):
      mutt: update to 1.13.4 (#425)

periish (1):
      Added wmutils (#428)