Published 17th Nov 2019 by Dylan Araps.

This week in KISS (#1)

Welcome to the first "This week in KISS"!

The aim of these posts will be to highlight the development of KISS week by week to hopefully give a better look at the overall status of the project.

A big thank you to all contributors and a big thank you to everyone using KISS!



The Wiki is live

The KISS wiki is now live. The wiki is simply a regular GitHub wiki with a sprinkle of magic to automatically update the website on contributions.

The subreddit is open

The subreddit is now open as another means of communication related to KISS. This new communication channel compliments the IRC and GitHub well for discussion.

KISS ported to ppc64le

Work has started on a ppc64le port of KISS. This is being worked on by jdavies-dev and development can be followed here.

Initial test tarballs can be found here.

Patch status

With the latest dhcpcd update, the number of patches in the core repository is down to one!

I'm currently working on documenting each of our patches and upstreaming as many of them as I can.

The current numbers are as follows:

You can follow the progress here: repo #109

Official Repositories


Legal stuff

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