Published 11th Dec 2019 by Dylan Araps.

This week in KISS (#4)

Apologies for the late post, I'll be on time from now on. :)

This week I wrote a simple (and temporary) client for eiwd called iwc. More about this below.

I've also been working on something unrelated to Linux and friends which I hope to talk about when it is complete.

A big thank you to everyone using, contributing and donating to KISS!



This client is based around the fact that the iwd daemon watches the network files in its configuration directory.

iwc 0.2.1 - simple eiwd client.
=> [au]th       [ssid] - Create network config.
=> [co]nnect    [ssid] - Connect to an SSID.
=> [de]lete     [ssid] - Delete a configured network.
=> [di]sconnect        - Disconnect from the current network.
=> [ed]it       [ssid] - Edit an SSID's network config.
=> [li]st              - List all known networks.
=> [sc]an              - Display periodic scan results.
=> [ss]id              - Display the current SSID.

Disconnecting from a network simply moves the file into a subdirectory and connecting to a network is really just making iwd temporarily forget about a network.

mv ssid.psk ssid.psk.bak
sleep 1
mv ssid.psk.bak ssid.psk

Connection works as the "removal" of the network file causes iwd to "forget" about the network and the addition of the file wakes iwd to connect to it.

To add further typical features like viewing scan results and getting the current connected network I made some tiny additions to iwd's source.

This is overly simple and of course doesn't offer a full and real client, however until I get around to writing a proper client, it's something!

The latest release of eiwd can be found here:

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