Subject Update on Dylan, IRC
From    Dilyn Corner 
Date    Wed, 19 May 2021 17:27:00 -0500

Two small updates to share with you all here!

Bottom line up front:
    1) Dylan is okay!
    2) We have moved from Freenode to Libera.Chat

Previous attempts at divining Dylan's location or ways of contacting him were,
as previously discussed, discarded. We wished him the best, and left it at that.

However! Someone (not Dylan) recently reached out to me with some news. They
contacted who we assume to be Dylan's mum and kindly inquired as to how he was
doing. She appreciated the concern for his wellbeing, and was able to confirm
one of our suspicions: the mad lad was simply experiencing burn out. It's to be
expected, given how hard he had been working for the last 18+ months! He was,
after all, the sixth most active person on Github for a time - and is still in
the top thirty [1].

We don't know if or when he'll return to this little project, but I think I
speak for everyone when I say that we're glad to hear he's doing good and taking
care of himself :)

For those of you not in-the-know, there has been a fair bit of drama in the land
of IRC! Freenode is basically synonymous with IRC for many of us, but there has
been a massive shakeup for the last long-while, ultimately culminating in the
upheaval which occurred today! You can read a lot more details here [2] and I do
not plan on rehashing a lot of it.  Many projects have moved to alternatives
already, from the tiniest communities to the far larger organizations. KISS is
following suit. We are migrating to where many other people are going:
#kisslinux @ The #kisslinux channel on Freenode will be around for
who knows how long, though it is now set to invite-only. Make your way over to at your leisure. For those who can't access Libera for whatever
reason (a Matrix bridge is in the works apparently, and they are still
experiencing expected stability issues), the mailing lists are still available
for people who prefer not to deal with IRC at any level :) We don't currently
have a logbot in the channel, though one will probably makes it appearance soon
(tomorrow, mayhaps).

That's all I had for you fine folx. Until next time!