Subject Changes to repositories using symlinks to /var/db/kiss/repo
From	Dylan Araps <>
Date	Wed, 11 Aug 2020 03:21:09 +0100

In two weeks' time, the assumption that the official repositories live in
/var/db/kiss/repo will be removed. This change only affects repositories which
contain symlinks to this location.

This change is being made for a number of reasons.

- There should be no forced system-wide repository. Users should be free to put
  the official repositories wherever they like (or even safely remove them). In
  other words, the official repositories should not be something special.

- The official repositories can be removed from the installation medium. This
  reduces the size of the tarball by an amount that can only grow over time.

- Users will now learn about repositories and how they work as a part of the
  installation process. The guide will also include information about the
  Community repository (and the KISS universe) early on.

Repositories with symlinks to /var/db/kiss/repo contain packages based on
official repository packages. The maintainer may only need to change a package's
build file so they symlink the rest of the files to the official repositories
(removing the maintenance burden and duplicate effort).

The now recommended way to layer packages in this manner is to use Git
submodules. Add the official repositories to your repository as a submodule,
update your symlinks to /relatively/ point there and the package manager will
handle the rest.

An example repository can be found here: $/dylanaraps/kiss-submodule-links

Notes about this change:

- The package manager is already aware of submodules and this already works.
- It makes repository dependence explicit rather than implicit.
- The submodule is standalone and uninfluenced by KISS_PATH.
- It required no code.

This change will be made in two weeks. Everything is ready on my end, the time
is given for repository owners to make the needed change. If all goes well and
there are no qualms, this change may be made before the deadline. We'll see
where the wind takes us.

Discussion will be kept open until the change is made. Please leave your
thoughts in the link below or somewhere I can see them. Happy to answer any
questions you may have. :)

Discussion: $/kiss-community/repo/issues/209