Subject	GCC 10.1.0 kernel issue
From	Dylan Araps <>
Date	Wed, 9 May 2020 01:05:09 +0100

The kernel compiled with GCC 10.1.0 may crash on boot. This doesn't
seem to affect every system. I have thus far received a single report
by an affected user.

Attached below is a patch which has been reported to fix the issue.
This fix has not yet made it into a kernel release (let alone Linus'

I recommend applying the patch if compiling a kernel with GCC 10.1.0.
An additional note will be added to the installation guide for the
benefit of new users.

Patch: f670269a42bfdd2c83a1118cc3d1b475547eac22


UPDATE (May 19 2020):

Kernel versions 5.6.14 (latest stable) and 5.4.42 (latest LTS)
contain fixes for GCC 10 and no patch is needed.


Another alternative is to simply disable the stack protector in your
kernel configuration. This will also fix the kernel crashing during
the boot up process.





- Reported to apply cleanly to kernel version 5.6.11.
- Hop on IRC, Reddit or send me an email ( if you
  require any assistance. I'm here to help.