Subject Mailing list announcement
From    Dilyn Corner 
Date    Wed, 14 Apr 2021 12:37:10 -0500

Good news everyone!
We have a mailing list!


One of the most frequent requests, probably since time immemorial, is to stop
using GitHub so damn much. "It's not very KISS", they say.

So armed only with ignorance and a fervent desire to sate the appetites of our
ravenous users, I set to work.

I'm happy to say that the same server which hosts our git and fossil mirrors is
now hosting our mailing list! Indeed, it's hosting my own email right now.

This post is about our lists specifically and not the server - if you want to
learn more about what I've done with our little Linode, check out my own blog.
It will be linked to at $/dilyn-corner/KISS-serv (and posted soon(tm)).

We have two lists! dev and community. They serve two purposes, and are meant to
be alternatives to some GitHub analogues. Specifically, is similar to...
$/kiss-community/init is similar to...

These lists are here as an option for users who want to participate, but don't
wnat to use GitHub for $GoodReason. Releases will still be posted to GitHub,
repositories will still be updated, etc. etc. The list does not supercede IRC,
which is more aimed at assisting with particular problems and questions (kernel
options, Xorg issues, etc.), but in conjunction with - if you want to send a
patch, it would be better to send it to the list instead of posting in IRC. But
again, you can always just use GitHub :)

The lists have some special features!
Email...                      for...         -> an FAQ about the list        -> a list of subscribers      -> a daily digest of what happened   -> to email me!   -> to subscribe -> to unsubscribe        -> A list of these features!

If you have never used a mailing list before, congratulations. It's pretty neat,
you'll probably love it. Mailing lists usually have rules for participating,
ours is no exception!

1) To send an email to the list, just email the list.
Do not alter the subject on replies.
When REPLYING to an email you got from the list, ensure that the only recipient
of the email is the list itself, not the original sender. (This may be a bug, I
am working on it). The only exception is if the sender says that they are not
subscribed to the list, and would like to be CC'd on replies. Please respect
their request :)

2) Plain text please. HTML is gross. Pretty much every mail client allows you to
configure this. Please do so.

3) No top-posting. When replying to an email, reply to the relevant part
in-line, or reply at the bottom of the email.

A: Because it reverses the logical flow of conversation.
Q: Why is top posting frowned upon?

4) Line wrap your emails to a reasonable number of characters. 80 is sane, 70 is
pretty much golden.

5) Be courteous. Don't spam. Be good.

The dev mailing list is currently being archived at! The
community mailing list will be archived soon(tm).

For more information on mailing list etiquette, you can refer to [1].
For more information on sending patches through email, please see [2].

If you experience any bugs or issues with these lists, please let me know
(preferably in IRC, or - I'll be keeping this account
active for a while yet so it's safe). This mailing list is in BETA - there are
kinks to be worked out almost definitely, but so far it has worked quite well!